Happy HalloweenHalloween is just around the corner. And it’s the perfect time to share ghost stories. There are many inns, museums, taverns, bed & breakfasts, old houses and homesteads that are steeped in history – and hauntings.

Many of these locations also feature antique wood stoves and antique kitchen ranges.
Visit:http://www.oddinns.com/index.php/pages/hauntedbedandbreakfast.html to find one list of top ten B&B’s in America. (We’re betting most have an antique stove in their establishment.)

The Spy House in New Jersey is a great example of a haunted house that features a wood stove. Check out, http://www.angelsghosts.com/spy_house_museum_haunted_place_story.html to learn about the ghost of Thomas Whitlock who could be heard “banging and clanging around the old pot-belly stove.”

Do you have a good ghost story involving a location with a wood stove? Have you ever been to a historic place that’s not only haunted but has a wood stove?

If so, we’d love to hear from you. We invite you to submit your ghost story, and any links to locations that are haunted and have antique wood stoves and kitchen ranges. The week of Halloween we’ll post the tales on our blog.

Please send the items to stoveprincess@goodtimestove.com and put in the subject line GHOST STORY.

Happy Hauntings!
Stove Black Richardson