Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Family Halloween

Jaime, Sara and Megan as children dressed for Halloween at the Good Time Stove Co. Would you believe that the lovely little girl in this photo is our beloved Sara the Stove Princess? I’m the witch and the darling Lil’ Gypsy is my sister Meg.We are ready to go trick-or-treating with older brother Jaime, the Grim Reaper. We are standing in front of Glenwood Oak heating stove. This stove has been heating my mother’s 12,000 square foot house of their mother for twenty-five years. (We do have the powerful heater in stock for anyone looking to warm trick-or-treaters for next Halloween.)

Notice the small red broom Sara is holding is the actual broom use to sweep up the stove’s ashes.

Also notice the turn-of-the century Hoosier Cabinet in the background.

Jaime used to scare the liver out of us before trick-or-treating.

We would march in the Williamsburg Shag Rag Parade. This is a smalltown, New England tradition. Costume-adorned children parade down the Main Street of town, often to the local firehouse for halloween games, races and other fun. And of course from there, we trick-or-treat the town.

With full bags of candy, we would return home where we would sort and trade candies. The Glenwood Oak would warm us up after our Hallow’s Eve adventure.

We here at the Good Time Stove Company wish you and your loved ones a safe and Happy Halloween filled with special treats and treasured memories.

Happy Treats,

Sara the Stove Princess

& Stove Black Richardson

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