Thursday, December 11, 2008

Favorite Base Burner Stoves - The Finest Heating Stove in the Wprld


The highest order of workmanship and materials are used in the manufacturing of Favorite Base Burners.The Favorite manufacturers are pioneers in flue construction and increasing heating capacity of Base Burners. Favorite craftsmen used skill, originality and science in constructing the Base Burner. This construction makes the largest circulating flue capacity ever built into a heating stove – and the hottest. The Favorite Base Burner is a beautiful stove with exquisite decoration and ornamentation.

The Favorite Base Burner was one of the most economical and powerful heating stoves of the day. It had the greatest sale of any heating stove manufactured at the time, because it brought comfort and satisfaction into the home and saved folks up to one half the cost on fuel bills. A Favorite Base Burner features the most amount of surface space radiating heat into the room, which provides great heating efficiency at the minimum cost of fuel.

The Favorite is the only Base Burner with a three flue construction, a series of three flues on the back and on the bottom, which allows for the most amount of heat to radiate into the room. An original feature of a Favorite Base Burner is the separation of the bottom flues from the main body of the stove. This separation provides more square inches of hot surface bared to the air, and allows for more space for the ash pan.

The Favorite Base Burner not only has more radiating surface, it is also more carefully and tighty fitted. Favorite manufacturers constructed patented planing machines, the only kind in use by stove manufacturers at the time, to make the stove parts to fit perfectly true and tight. The perfect fitting enables the Favorite Base Burner to produce an even, equal temperature throughout the house. With a perfect fitting, control of the draft allows for a swift heat up or cool down as desired. The Favorite Stove Company’s thorough inspection insures that every single Base Burner manufactured is guaranteed to be absolutely paper tight.

The Favorite Base Burner features a deep fire pot that insures perfect combustion and does not crack. An ample sized space for the ash pan ensures that the draft from the register is free to flow. Bottom flues where built into Favorite Base Burners so that the floor region could be heated more completely. The doors, registers and mica frames on the Favorite Base Burner are fitted paper tight.

The Favorite Base Burner features a valuable tea-kettle arrangement and a one piece, perfectly constructed elbow that does not clink and prevents the accumulation of ashes on the outside.

The Favorite craftsmen use a special polish and burnish, which makes the beautiful carved ground work in the nickeling glitter as brilliantly as the smooth nickel. All the nickel parts, the foot rail, hearth and jacket, lift on and off without bolts so that the nickel parts can be easily cleaned and replaced.

The four nickel wings found on every Favorite Base Burner aid in the circulation and output of heat into the room.

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