Monday, January 4, 2010

Home Heating - Down Draft Systems

Down Draft Systems

This is a fan-forced hot air system. It is noted separately because of its new use in residential heating. It has been in commercial use for a long time.

By venting downward it presents opportunities that are worth considering.


This system vents downward from the ceiling that is not more than eight feet high such that it mixes the hot air where the people are, 0-6' above the floor.

Hot air conduits can feed the ceiling vents, or, more simply, a fan and an electric heater can be installed on or in a ceiling pointing downward.

Down discharge should be away from chairs and tables. Walkways and open spaces are ideally suitable places for this discharge.

Little or no cleaning.
No floor dust in vents.
No problem as to where to point horizontally moving air.
No warm air pushed along walls and ceilings.
Electric heaters and fans in the ceiling need no air conduits or central heaters.
The same reduction in cost to operate, 25% less heat used than by natural convection heaters.
No heater or vents along walls.

Not conventional.
Heaters may be hard to find.

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