Monday, July 14, 2008

Get to Know the Antique Parlor Stove Better!

Facets & Features of the Parlor Stove

antique parlor stove

Loading, Cleaning and Controlling the Parlor Stove

parlor loading


The parlor stove is a great of heating stoves and can warm anywhere from 2-6 rooms. It has a large loading area on the side where a built-in smoke shelf prevents smoke from rolling out as the stove is loaded. The stove can comfortably hold a 16-24″ stick of wood. The wood is placed on top of a grate inside of the stove. The fire can burn an average of 8-12 hours. The length of stick and burn time, and the amount of rooms warmed, will depend on the size of the cylinder stove.

parlor draft controls


Parlor stoves have both primary draft controls located in the front of the stove below the front door. When starting the fire, open up the primary controls. This allows for the air to come in directly under the grate causing the fire to ignite and burn from the bottom up. Once the fire is well established, adjust the primary controls as needed to regulate the fire.

parlor clean out


Cleaning out the stove is very convenient with a cylinder stove. Every parlor stoves come with a handy ash pan that sits directly under the grates inside the stove. To clean out the ashes simply remove the ash pan and dump the ashes in a safe location. Please use caution when discarding the ashes so to prevent starting a fire in any other location other than inside your cylinder stove. The ash pan allows you to clean out your stove even when the fire is still burning. And the good news for folks who don’t like to dust, the ash pan keeps the fly ash to a minimum.

parlor cook lid


All parlor stoves have at least one cook lid located beneath the dome at the top of the stove. Most of the lids are about 8 inches in diameter. The cook lid is ideal for holding a pot of water that acts as a humidifier. And it is a wonderful location to warm a pot of tea. So while the tea’s steeping, lets pull up a chair and enjoy the cuddly warmth from the stove with a cup of wild berry zinger herbal tea.

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