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Gold Medal Glenwood Gas/Wood Combination Range

gold medal glenwood

A wonderful new range, so named to commemorate the bestowal upon all Glenwoods of the Gold Medal Award at both the San Francisco and San Diego Expositions - 1915.

Weir Stove Company,
Taunton, MA

Makers of the Celebrated Glenwood Ranges for Coal, Wood or Gas, Heating Stoves and Furnaces.

gold medal glenwood

The Gold Medal Glenwood is a new, distinct type of combination range, in fact, two complete modern ranges using different fuels, skillfully built into one compact stove for greater convenience.

There is absolutely no danger in this combination, as the gas section is as entirely seperate from the coal section as if placed in another part of the kitchen.

gold medal glenwood gold medal glenwood

Although it is less than four feet long, it can do every kind of cooking for any ordinary family by gas in warm weather, by coal or wood when the kitchen needs heating and by a combination of the two in emergencies.

The coal section burns either hard or soft coal, coke or wood, and the gas section either manufactured or natural gas.

Cast Iron is used wholly in the construction of the coal section, as this the most durablt material known for a coal rage.

The Gas Section oves are made of White Aluminized Sheets. This metal is highly desirable for a gas range as it heats quickly, is rust resisting and keeps the kitchen cook in summer.

The Gas Broler Oven, above at the right, is the same length as the gas baking oven - eighteen inches wide, sixteen inches deep and twelve inches high. It is fitted with a cast iron shelf adjustable to any height, and a jointless sanitary drip pan containing a neat, wire rack.

The Broiler Burner is rectangular in shape with six arms each with two lines of flame. It has one hundred and fifty squares inches of direct heating surface and is removable.

The Gas Baking and Broiling Ovens are lined with white rust-resisting aluminized sheet, that do not chip off, but keep smooth and last with the rest of the rage.

The Heat is under complete control and can be regulated by means or burner cocks at the side.

The Back above the cooking top is protected by white enameled splashers, easily kept spotless, and the gas broiler door is panneled with the same material.

gold medal glenwood gold medal glenwood

The Capacity of a range is an important consideration when buying. Many combination ranges have one rather small baking oven. A feature of the Gold Medal Glenwood is two very room baking ovens as shown in these pictures.

Pastry Baking is being done in the gas oven, where it is progress is always in sight. The most delicate cake can be perfectly baked and watched through glass paneled door.

The Heat in the gas oven is so uniform that two shelves are provided, and two batches of bread or pastry can be baked at one time.

A Large Roast and other baking can be done at the same time in the coal oven. Thhe advantage is plain - two ovens give double capacity, and allow the cook to complete the baking in one-half the usual time.

Just see the cooking surface at hand if want to rush things.

By using both the coal and the gas sections of the top, nine large cookin guntensils may be quickly heated at the same time, or the coal section may be used for boiling and the gas section with burners turned low may be used for simmering or keeping warm the dishes already cooked.

A Push Button Lighter for lighting all cooking burners is can be furnished at slight additional cost.

The Oven Burners are the one-piece type, easily removed for cleaning and cannot be put back wrong. The end of each burner is machine faced ad carefully fitted with a steel air shutter, which can be accurately adjusted to give the proper combustion.

The Tight Joints and tight-fitting doors of the gas section are an important feature, as less gas is needed than in ordinary ranges.

The Glenwood oscillating shelf under the coal oven door is a great convenience when basting meats or removing food as it is ingeniously arranged to move up exactly level with the bottom of the oven when the door is opened. The Swing Oven Door is acknowledged the most satisfactory in preserving heat and in baking.

The Glenwood Swing Door is always tight when closed, no springs to get out of order, and allow door to become loose and waste heat.

The Lower Oven is roomy and can be heated by either wood or coal. It is fitted with an adjustable shelf, and will bake evenly its full capacity at one time.

gold medal glenwood gold medal glenwood

The Nickel Edge Band is not bolted but held by a patent spring latch which one finger will unsnap when it is to be taken off. This feature will be appreciated when it is necessary to clean the range.

All Gas Cocks have adjustable orafices, allowing just the right amount of gas ro be supplied to burners for perfect combustion.

The Glenwood Pedal Oven Door Opener unlatches and opens the door by a slight pressure of the foot with both hands are occupied.

The Grate can be drawn out from beneath the firbox linings without their being disturbed. so that a new grate can be replaced and still keep in use the odl linings.

The Sectional Top over the Coal Section prevents warping and is so planned that by changing the cross-shaped castings that hold the covers a wash boiler may be placed at the back of the range, leaving the fron two holes free for cooking.

At a glance the Glenwood Patent Indicator on the oven door tells the degree of heat required for boiling, baking pies, plain or sponge cake, bread and biscuits and the indicator point registers the degree of heat already in the oven. It is so plain and simple you just can’t make a mistake.

Any one of the three different Coal Grates may be used in this range according to the choice of the purchaser. Firebox linings made of fire clay are recommended for burning hard coal; and east iron linings for soft coal. When burning wood only, the Glenwood Wood Grate, with cast iron side linings to match, increases the fuel space and is most efficient.

The Fuel Recommended is a good grade of hard coal, in either nut or stove size. The better grades of soft coal, however, may be used with good results.

This Range is Most Attractie looking and its appearance of efficiency is fully sustained by its performance.

Coal Range Flues ahould not be allowed to fill with ashed and soot, as no ranges can do good work if the flue spaces are obstructed.

Doors of easy access have been provided in the Gold Medal Glenwood Range for properly cleaning all flues. See plate A and B in diagram below.

Instructions for Cleaning Flue Spaces

  • To Clean the Top Oven Flue
    Remove the four lids in coal range top and scrape all ashes on oven top directly into fire box as indicated by arrow number one.
  • To Clean Oven Side Flue
    Remove Plate A located beneath pan under gas cooking burners and scrape all ashes to bottom as indicated by arrow number two.
  • To Clean Oven Bottom Flues
    Remove Plate B under shelf below oven door and scrape all ashed out through opening B into a pan placed on kitchen floor. Arrows number three and four indicate direction to scrape. Be careful to replace plates A and B securely.

A Glenwood in pearl gray porcelain enamel adds a new charm to cooking. No more soiled hands, no more dust and smut.

Picture and Comfort of being able to clean you range perfectly in less than two minutes.

Polishing the stove, once one of the most hated task in household work is now the easiet, - simply wipe a Glenwood with a damp cloth and in no time you have a sparkling clean surface.

Resolve never to polish the old stove until you see the Glenwood dealer about a new pearl grey porcelain enameled Gold Medal Glenwood - the range that “Makes Cooking Easy”.

gold medal glenwood gold medal glenwood
gold medal glenwood gold medal glenwood
gold medal glenwood gold medal glenwood
gold medal glenwood gold medal glenwood


robert said...

hello folks and glenwood gold medal stove lovers. I must say that I own the finest late model glenwood stove in the entire country. combo gas wood sqaure cream yellow and light brown, it never had wood burned in it before I purchased it in massachusets in 2000 was a kerosene convertion from factory I converted it back to wood and changed the orfices to propane , she is my prize would love to find out more about the company . robert h Joswiak fombell pa

Magnolia said...

I am curious if it is code approved to use a gas/wood combination range in Maine these days.