Thursday, November 20, 2008

Model Ranges - A Catalog from the Barstow Stove Company

The following is a stove catalog from the Barstow Stove Company, circa 1915. Founded in 1836 by Amos Chaffee Barstow in Providence, RI, the Barstow Stove Company manufactured fifty different kinds of stoves. The original Barstow building still stands in Providence, RI.

This catalog features Barstow’s Model Ranges - both wood heated ranges and gas/wood combination ranges. Every single Barstow range features a kick pedal that opens the oven door with, as stated in the catalog, a “slight pressure from the foot.”

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gbarstow said...

It is nice to see the catalog of an ancestors dream. I was surprised not to see the Parlor heater (circa 1898) as my father had 35 years ago.
Thanks again
GN Barstow