Thanksgiving is the time for gathering around the hearth with loved ones, enjoying harvest-time meals and giving thanks for our many blessings.

Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving recipes ideal for cooking on an antique stove or family holiday photos featuring your antique stove that you’d like to share with us? We’d love your contributions, via email or snail mail, and will post them in honor and celebration of the holiday.

It’s not too late for a drive in the country and a visit to the Good Time Stove company showroom to check out our collection of antique stoves – the treasured heirlooms are ideal for enjoying the holidays and would make a warm and inviting addition to the home.

There are still a few leaves on some trees and a drive in our neck of the woods in November will conjure up images of going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house. There are numerous Saturday church craft fairs and bake sales all around the area this month, and some roadside stands are still open and selling homegrown turnips, pumpkins and squash.

We welcome you visit, stories, pictures and recipes and greatly appreciate your contributions. We count our customers and stove enthusiasts as some the many blessings in our lives.