Friday, January 9, 2009

New York Times: Great Homes and Destinations - Features Good Time Stove Company

New York Times: Great Homes and Destinations
More Than a Warm Memory

By Billie Cohen
Published January 8, 2009.

THERE are some old things you wouldn’t want anywhere near your vacation home, like an ancient furnace or an aging refrigerator. But a wood-burning stove from the late 1800s, now that’s something different.

Patty Reece, who lives in Mission Hills, Kan., and who with her husband, Jerry, often escapes to a second home about 150 miles west in the Flint Hills region, recently recalled how she was converted to that blast of heat from the past.

“Years ago, when we were fairly newly married, we had been visiting my husband’s parents in Oregon, and we came across a little shop that had a wood stove,” she said. “We fell in love with it.” That same potbelly stove now heats one of the outbuildings at their country home. In fact, they enjoyed it so much, they installed three others. “I love to light a fire in the morning when we get up,” she said. “It’s a very cozy warmth.”

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