Friday, January 2, 2009

On Installing a Wood Stove

Wood stoves and free-standing fireplaces can either be attached to existing chimneys or used with prefabricated chimneys installed through the ceiling or wall. Before installing any stove to an existing chimney, care should be taken that the chimney is sound and that there are no cracks or holes for sparks to enter into partitions. Also, the chimney should be cleaned occasionally since accumulations of creosote and soot can ignite and create chimney fires. When planning to attach a stove or fireplace to an old chimney where there are cracks and loose mortar, the chimney should be inspected by an expert, relined or rebuilt.

Stoves and fireplaces should not be installed closed than about 30 inches from an uninsulated combustible wall. Asbestos or insulated sheet metal panels are available to permit a stove to be placed much closer to the wall. Al asbestos or sheet metal plate should be under the stove if the stove is not placed on a brick set or stone hearth.

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