Thursday, November 5, 2009

Antique Stove Information Clearinghouse Under New Direction

Quite a few years ago, Clifford Boram of Indiana started The Antique Stove Information Clearinghouse, a repository of historic data on early stoves and their makers. Now in his mid-seventies, Cliff has decided to turn the reins over to someone else, so he can have time to pursue other projects. In May, Cliff sold his business to TASA member Dave Petricka of Faribault, Minnesota. Cliff is pleased with the arrangement and says that Dave is an ideal person to take over the task. Cliff says he will be available to offer support during the transition period.

Dave is an antique stove collector and, like many of us, is especially drawn to anything fancy or unusual. He says he plans to continue on with The Antique
Stove Information Clearinghouse much as it has been in the past. Although he is already fielding stove inquiries, he says the volume of information is quite overwhelming and it's going to take some time for him to get up to speed. Eventually, Dave would like to make some of the stove catalogs available online, but "that's a very long-term goal" he says.

Dave says that The Antique Stove Association and its members have done a lot for him over the years, and preserving and continuing the work that Cliff started
years ago is a way for him to "give something back" to the organization.

Dave can be reached at 507-210-4304 or

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