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Ruby Tuesday! - Posted by littlebangtheory

Ruby Tuesday! November 9, 2009
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This is an Accidental Ruby Tuesday, which came my way most unexpectedly this past weekend.

I’d overslept and missed the best part of sunrise, but I nonetheless left the house early enough to see some long shadows and a bit of color.

But the skies were boring compared to the sunrise I’d invisioned, and I drove without a destination, disconsolate yet propelled by my inate wanderlust.

Then, on the edges of Ashfield (it might have been Goshen by then) I passed a rustic building gleaming with chrome detritus of a most unanticipated sort – the Good Time Stove Company:

…yes, a real store, festooned with an interesting array of shiny stuff displayed to the delight of early morning travelers like me. I’d passed it hundreds of times without stopping, but on this particular morning the light was right, and I backed up to snap this shot.

There are several bits of Ruby scattered about this photograph, though I doubt you can see the most impressive one to me: the glowing red heart affixed to the chest of the twenty foot Tin Cowboy at the left of the photo.

Trust me, it’s a trip.

So at this resolution you might just be able to see the Glowing Red Whatever at the foot of the fifteen-foot Bicycle Wheel Arch which frames the entrance to the stove shop. I call Ruby-Dab!

…but then, off to the right, was a sign: “Three Sisters Sanctuary:”

Yeah, I know, “That’s pretty scant Ruby.” Let’s call it “sorta red.”

But I, being curious, wandered out back, the idea of “three sisters” appealing to me in some way or another.

And there I spied Ruby:

Morning Dragon

‘Twas a Morning Dragon, fifty feet at least, basking in the break of day, with two-foot chunks of sea glass guarding its sinuous spine, and a belly where fire lived, and a hideously beautiful mouth where the smoke came out, gnashing its earthbound fangs at the waning half-moon:

This was a truly cool find, and the low light of morning lit it to my liking.

I hope you like it too.


The Cunning Runt said...

Whoa... this is like being cloned!

Seriously, I'll be back for more photos and exploration... what a cool spot!

Stove Princess said...

Please do!!! Come back and visit any time - would love to give you the personal tour!!!