Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Efficiency of Matchless Heating

Most antique stoves are specifically designed to burn wood slowly with only an occasional replenishment required. This mean that the stove can be loaded at night before going to be and if the vent is turned down, the room will be warm in the morning.

Besides the obvious conveniences in not having to rekindle the fire, round-the-clock burning saves wood and give a more even temperature.

The reason for the fuel saving is that when a room is warmed. the first things that are heated are the walls, floor and ceiling. If you rekindle your fire everyday, you must wait until these are heated before the air tin the room becomes warm. Also, it is tempting to cause the stove to burn the stove very hot. When you do this, you are burning up more fuel. The extra fuel you use in this way is often equal to the amount you save during the night by letting the fire go out.

If you let the fire go round-the-clock, you retain the heat in the walls and floor and cause the heat distribution around the room to be more even and complete.

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