Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Read This before Stoking Up your Antique Stove

Read this before Stoking Up your Box Stove

Protect the stove's bottom. Protect the bottom with a two inch layer of ashes or sand. This is absolutely necessary in the box stoves - to prevent loss of heat and protect the bottom plate.

Protect the enamel finish = Urgent!
The first few times you build a fire in a stove or fireplace that has been enameled, some condensate will be formed. This condesate contains sulfuric acid. Open the top plate slightly to allow the condesate to escape. In th event that some comes in contact with the enamel finish, the surface should be cleaned immediately, or the condesate leave a permanent stain. Clean the enamel surface with any scouring cleanser or metal polish. As soon as the stove is thoroughly warmed, the condesate stops forming and the top plate can be closed.

How To Build your First Fire:

1. Make a small fire with kindling near the door in the front of the stove.
2. Then place full length logs on top.
3. Allow for ample draft in the beginning. Later regulate the vent down to the desired burning rate.
4. The fire will now spread slowly backward toward the rear of the stove.
5. Not until the wood is completely burned up, and there are only embers left, is it necessary to reload.
6. Rake the embers up to the front and reload.

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