Friday, February 6, 2009

Monkey Stoves?

Maybe you know something I don't know...Ever heard of a "Monkey Stove"? I have not, but maybe this blog will help get some answers.

Richard writes, "My Grandmother used to talk about a "Monkey Stove" that they used in their covered wagon. I think she said it had two holes (not sure, could have been only one hole). Do you have any idea or have your ever heard of such a stove? I need a picture of it for my Genealogy project.

"She said it had two holes and if you wanted to bake you could set a little oven on top of it. It sat in the back of the wagon surrounded by tin to keep the heat away from the wooden sides of the wagon.

"One quote I found was 'A stove such as was formerly used in railway depot,
having a long slender top section and a bulging round base.' Another quote, 'An old
monkey heater with room for two small pots. one beans, one coffee.'

"Sounds like a pot belly stove to me."

After looking through pot belly stoves, laundry stoves and other small models, we zeroed in on the Shoo Fly. But if anybody has more information about this spefic terminology, "Monkey Stove", your input would be deeply appreciated.

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cheryl said...

my grandparents had a monkey stove. It is just a small pot belly stove. In fact i am in the process of finding one for my house