Monday, March 16, 2009

Antique Stoves are the Best Available Anywhere

We believe that antique stoves are the best available anywhere, The box stoves are constructed of cast iron, some with an enameled finish for easy cleaning and attractiveness. Above all else, a wood stove must burn efficiently to be used as a practical heater, since the cutting, stacking and carrying of large quantities of wood is so time consuming. The antique stoves are superior to any other we know of in this regard. The fire box is tight and designed to burn the wood slowly and completely. Even the hot gases are ignited in this stove rather than being lost up the chimney. Heavy cast iron baffles surround the firebox and a top baffle directs the heat into a chamber for more complete heat transfer.

We have used three sizes of these stoves at our home for many winters. Although the antique do not have the thermostatic controls or catalytic converters of other models, the antique stove us a more efficient heating stove requiring less wood and giving much more even heat.

The are models which combine the advantages of an open fireplace and an efficient wood heater. These have doors which slide over the open fire and clamp shut tightly. A vent on the door can be adjusted for efficient wood burning. Unlike the Franklin fireplace, these stoves efficient heaters.

An antique stove is a lifetime investment but it will actually pay for itself in a season or two by the quantity of wood fuel saved. The stoves are also handsome and rugged.

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