Friday, March 6, 2009

Beamish Museum is on the Hunt for an English Coal Stove...

So here's a tough one...

Mr. Smallman of the Beamish Museum is looking for something pretty specific. I don't have any leads on something like this so I thought I would see if this blog could help fill this unique need...

"The stove I am looking for is straight, round and in three to four sections, and stands around 4 to 4½ foot.

"It has a lid on the top, and it would be in work mans railway cabins or as this one was in a colliery workshop called the engine wrights..."

"Thanks for your help, now and in the future, who knows it just may be you that's finds my stove first...

"I miss dressing up in costume and talking to people coming into Beamish for a visit.
"Kind Regards

Any ideas, suggestions or leads???

The Beamish is a world famous open air museum. It tells the story of the people of North East England at two important points of their history - 1825 and 1913 .

Beamish is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the North East of England. More than 300,000 people each year visit Beamish to experience what life was really like in this great region in the early 1800s and 1900s.

What sets Beamish apart from traditional museums is that objects are shown, not in glass cases, but in context. Whole buildings have been dismantled, brought to Beamish, rebuilt and furnished as they once were. But most importantly, costumed staff are on hand to bring the past alive.

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